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deviation in storage by Canadian-Rainwater
The ones for MOtF, but short version: it's 600 pages and a quarter of a million words and I am ashamed of myself.
Not really...
Okay maybe a little bit.

I'm dealing with some pretty intense writers' block right now and it is epic-level dumb and I thought maybe writing a journal about it super quick would help but really it's just making it worse and not clearing my thoughts at all so yeah.

Screw it.
*gets back to not writing short fics*
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United States
I write, draw, and occasionally do other things.

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immasweetslovinggirl Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Heeeeeyyy~ I-I did it~ I finished chapter 2~ of our stupid Halloween story~ Here it is~

Woo! *cheers*
as soon as I get through my commentaries I will read it. Sassy actors have taken control of my life at the moment
immasweetslovinggirl Dec 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You know that Halloween story I'm working on for you? Yea stupid ideas started popping up in my head...Um I'm going to need your help with this if you don't mind helping out with this exceedingly ridiculous story

Stupid Idea list goes as follows:

--Enteri gets stuck as a girl for a week while Jarlaxle turned back to normal on the due time

--Enteri starts having "problems" with girl stuff and Jarlaxle has to put him in a cage to stop him from going on a rampage

--Incorporate a picture where Enteri dressed like that girl Disney character from the Hunchback of Notre Dame

--JarlaxlexEnteri happen and I NEVER do stuff like that because I hate boyxboy

-- work on a crack filled fan-fiction for my original series that will never be uploaded

...I need some help get back to me as soon as possible
Okay, let's see...

-Spell lasts longer than intended for Artemis, but not Jarlaxle: cue Entreri-Rage.

-Artemis tries to deal with the problem as best he can, essentially cross dressing as a man.

-Hilarious bout of abdominal cramps and back pain that leads to a super embarrassing realization that these two men were NOT PREPARED for every contingency.

-Artemis stays in bed at an inn all day, refusing to go out into a hostile public while "wounded" (Cue jokes from Jarlaxle.

-While hiding, Artemis turns back, he tries to find his regular equipment, only to see that it's been replaced with that one dress.

-Cue drunken flirting from Jarlaxle in the hallway outside of the room (whilst simultaneously trying to convince Artemis to wear the outfit and refusing to give his stuff back until he does so.)

That's the best way I think to incorporate ALL of those ideas.
immasweetslovinggirl Dec 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
...I'll see what I can do
Is that not the kind of help you wanted?

I can do something else. :B
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THX for the llama! You're the best! :)
Thank you for the one you gave me!
nicostars Sep 20, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconyeahplz:Thanks so much for the :+fav: I supa dupa appreciate it. :heart:
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